Corporate Yoga

What is Corporate Yoga?

Help your team reach their full potential. For you and your people, take some time out of your busy work day to relax and de-stress; then come back feeling revitalised and motivated to achieve!

RDX Corporate Yoga instructors come to your place of business; be that an office, warehouse, factory or construction site, to offer tailored yoga classes for up to 30 students (depending on space available) at a time convenient to you.

Physical activity can reduce incidence of illness and subsequent medical leave.

According to a report by Exercise and Sports Science Australia, almost 70% of Australians fail to meet the minimum physical activity levels required to reduce the incidence of acute and chronic illness. When you consider that the majority of the workforce spend over two-thirds of their day either at work or sleeping then it is easy to see the time for exercise is extremely limited. When you then factor in the daily commute, meals and other commitments, then it is easy to understand how most people find it extremely difficult to find the time and motivation to exercise!

That’s where we come in. Yoga is a fantastic stepping stone to a lifestyle of increased physical activity.

Boost Team Morale

Show that you value your most important resource – your people. The return on investment through increased productivity will be astounding.

Relax – Reboot – ReenergisE: value mental health

It doesn’t matter if you spend your day in an office, workshop, or construction site, work can be tough. Mentally draining and physically exhausting – stress levels escalate leading to reduced productivity and eventual burn-out.

Exercise is a proven effective method of combatting stress, but often when you finish a hard days work, the last thing you want to do is hit the gym or attend a yoga class. By providing your team members some time throughout the day to focus on themselves; relax, reboot and reenergise, you will see a significant improvement to mental health and reduced presenteeism.